Happy Anniversary 1year and 4months 
yr smile, makes my heart stopped and I died <3 !

to my special one, Azri Farid Bin Shahroom you're the special in my life.susah nak explain feeling ni, I LOVE YOU SHO MUCH lalalalalala~ There are so many stars in the sky, but only some are radiant enough to be noticed. Dont ever think of leaving me. Like seriously, my life has no meaning without you. The time we spent together, all is one time that I cant describe with words. Never occurred in my brain to know you, to fall in love with you. and now I too love you more than my own. I apologize for all my mistakes against you. Yeah, we always misunderstood but thank God we still together to laugh together, share problems and bla bla bla. Too many things we do together. Because of this, my life feels awkward when you are not in my side to accompany me every time I need you. I am alone :/ Each night before I sleep, I'll see video, pictures of us. Listen to the radio and I fell asleep. Every night the same. But I was lucky because I have you to call in advance and we'll sleep together. Hm blah blah blah too much, right?
I realized that really scared in my life right now is to lose you and you will forget me and I dont know, IM SHO SCARED ! I love you kbai


who's know ?

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