Hi :) what's up guys? I;m confident that all must be healthy, right? Jyeah school holidays starting tomorrow (Y) leh taklama pun berapa hari je kan ? yang lain da start cuti isnin lagi aku baru terhegeh-hegeh nak cutu T.T Tapi Alhamdulillah cuti la jugak rest kepala otak yang memang da berserabut taik ayam ni -_-. 
and yeah yesterday I was experiencing a "PERFECT NIGHTMARE" lai lai lia. A little scary -.- OH MY GOD dont happen these things I was very scared ish :/ and bcuz layan that dream lah I woke up late for sch you know? HAHA. Made a cup of Milo and go bathed. Mandi harini paling kejap :p 5minutes je lagipun air sejuk nak beku aku -.- HAHA.

 Kay back to topic, today yeah Im looked O-K-A-Y but in my heart who knows? idk how to describe this feeling but I feel like all the people trying to get AWAY from me ); am I the only one who noticed? for now I'm fighting with my positive and negative thoughts :/ what the hell wrong with me ? STUPID nak mampus perangai ! Yeah everyone is okay with me but Im too scare they would leave me D;
  Lai lai lai lepas balik sekolah hm like usual naik bas. Lama betul tunggu macam setan je perangai, Taktahu ke aku penat? HAHA. and balik j baring Im played with my phone. Waiting fr someone fr call me. And finally my boyfriend call. But duh dia baru bgn tido and agaklahhhh moody kan ? nvm I still try to talk and I thought want to share my problems with him but without saying anything he end call :/ Lah ngantuk sangat maybe ? And I try to close my eyes but I still thinking what the hell with me and ppl around me and my study and my family and blah blah blah too many problems. And finally I fall asleep with HIS shirt zZzZzZzzZz. and after waking up I went to go take a bath. I was playing with soap bubbles likes a baby HAHA,  almost half an hour and my mother was knocking on the door of the bathroom said "JIEEJA LAMA MANDI MANDI?" and I just silence zzzzzz. I still think what's wrong with me? Kenapa ehhhh ? Lah topic harini macam bangang sikit akupun taktahu nak cerita tang mana yang salah -.- I must to ignore all those things aite ? and enjoy my life zzzz.

 Kay malam punya cerita tengok Lagenda Budak Setan the series kat Astro Prima auwh Im crying takhabis habis tengok cerita tu mesti nangis. Tapi cerita series ni takde best macam movie dia tu lagi la aku nangis teresak-esak mcm orang mati suami. HAHA. nasib baik dulu tengok cerita tu dengan KienaJongos so nangis takdelahhhhh malu sangat kan ? heee. Kay that's all for today. Kthanx fr reading boi tc :}

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