Hmmm actually I''ve gained too much weight --" so aku mintak FITNESSE NESTLE from my mom masa kiteorg pergi ong tai kim. Rase nak kuruss tu mak aih gila membara *cewahh. So,
I decided to challenge myself with Nestle Fitnesse' 14 day program! hihihi. but I still makan nasi so adakah berjaya apa yang aku idamkan ini ? wakakaka :D i really want skinny legs )'; oh God , gimme ! 

The 14 day period had passed but there still isn't any photo worthy difference on my figure, so I can't show off my shape yet. hihi kbyee (;

EHEM , I have a few pictures of my dream body-------> E to the N to the J to the O to the Y haha

they are too skinny. I jealous of them kay F * CK
kbye );

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