Hi Hello ! Today nak cerita pasal semua boyfriend aku. Don't be jealous k ! :P hikhukhikhokk

 Ohh nana what's his name ? :P Haha nah I dont remember what's his name ! Dem ! Haha.
I met him when I was traveling in Indonesia. He was so handsome. My heart melted since the first time met him. Haha. His too hot for me and I decided to leave him ;(

Hm his name Enrique. Nah NO NO NO he is no Enrique Iglesias k ! Haha. I met him when I jalan jalan around Kl hm around 3years ago la taksilap :P Haha. Yeah masa tu belum zaman fixies lagi. Yeah I fall in love with him. He is soo cool Ohyeah ! Lama la jugak dengan dia ni around 2months maybe? haha. Sibuk sangat dengan basikal dia so BYE BYE Enrique -.- Pfft

Eleh this is my third boyfriend <3 <3 <3 Hehe he is shooo JAMBU. yeah I know -.- Nah I dont care sayang. Hahaha. Tengok la hidung dia ! Mancung en ? Berbeza sangat dr aku. So I've decided to leave him.Stupid reason I know -.-

Hii baby ;( I miss you. This Kyle. He is shooooooo cute ! Dem yu ! haha. He's from rich family. He loves to travel around the world. He forgets me cuz he too busy with his travelling. Ah blahh ah kau boyot ! Haha.
 K this is it ! DONE ! I met my truely boyfriend. Yang lain da jadi sampah. So jealous with him ! Sebab apa ? Nak tengok la gigi rata leher panjang senyum comel. Perempuan mana takjeles ? Haha. Hi Fared ! I love you ! Bye hehehehhehe

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