Do you know my pain? I am sick! I did not tell anyone my problem except my lovely fared. I did not complain with my mother such as a child what is should to do when she was sick. I do not want to burden my mother. When Fared asked whether I had told my pain to my mother, I just said "hmm da tadi and she suruh minum air"
Aku tahu if aku cakap belum , he will membebel. haha auww (': And today I was kemas-kemas rumah and suddenly my left kidney SAKIT SANGAT. aku da taktahan and finally I told my mother. she gots mad bcuz i dont tell her awal-awal. What I expect to happen has happened :O such as I was saying, my parents told me to take a jug of water and vegetables. Haha. kannnn? dahh taktahu nak cakap apa, nak mati kbyeee

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